This is to make including files in linux significantly easier. As time goes on, I hope to amass includes for as many libraries as possible (feel free to submit: I'll give proper credit and put it in the regular zip). The aim of this project is to make include files so that importing functions that you need is easy without having to worry (it even skips including functions you never use). It also shouldn't be hard to use this to make project semi-cross platform by making windows includes like this (just make "linclibs" a dummy).

Note that some of the code was taken from various sources (mostly lists, the 32bit proc macro, and some "raw binary" stuff), but most of the work you'll see is mine. As stated, you're using these at your own risk (nothing here says your code must be open source, though). Outside of the 32bit proc macro, the rest is (or was) publically available without explicit copyright (it's also doubtful the original authors would recognize what I copied from them [the 32bit macros are part of FASM]).

I am taking bug reports at my email. I'm no longer supporting FASM code, as the overhead of llvm and gcc is negligible, and the average user doesn't care about perfection.


This code is old and deprecated.

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