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This project is simple, and not meant to be maintained much. It allows you to use termux to create applications. Normally, termux already allows this, but you're stuck with terminal applications. Using the setup in the git repo, here, we are able to create an app with a GUI, or perhaps even use SDL. This setup is close to minimal (although not exactly). If you're rooted it'll also allow you to test the APK from command line (still needs to install, but at least it'll install, run, and then uninstall without moving the APK, taping to install, finding the install location, etc just to test your code). I plan on maintaining a more complex version separately, with native app support and more, but this is perfect for a beginner to get started with.

To use, type the following into termux and hit enter (the link is there for those who like to rightclick links to copy link address):

Then, after all that's done, read the README file. The APK file will have to be moved to something like /sdcard/Download to be seen in the file manager.

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