This page was last updated on February 27th, 2019(UTC) and it is currently May 27th, 2019(UTC).
That means this page is 88 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes and 37 seconds old. Please keep that in mind.

As of right now, I'm updating the site to all have signatures on each page to declare how old they are. The reason for this is that if I want to have a bunch of projects, posts on politics, tutorials, etc, I don't want to have to constantly check for old information, especially regarding personal references. By putting up these timestamps, I can mention "yesterday," and it becomes implicit when that was, or I could mention that I have a girlfriend without having to update that on relationship status change or something, because that sort of information would become implicitly changed as time goes on.

Please keep in mind that this means that any page without a timestamp is greater than 88 days, 22 hours, 23 minutes and 37 seconds old.

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